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It kinda sucks having such a great dad. You can’t go anywhere without: “Hey, Mr. Millikan! You changed my life. Truth be told, the Habs went through a speed wobble right after the Olympic break. But give Bergevin credit for stepping in to make arguably the best deal on trade deadline day, not only of all the Canadian teams but throughout the entire league. Of course, you be seeing that for yourselves.

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I hate to interrupt a fella’s coffee whether he’s famous or not. So that’s my Tommy Chong story. Hope you like it. Kohler, a Norristown native and member of the local institution Eve’s Lunch family, said she didn’t have to look far beyond the backyard of her proverbial Kansas farm to find a land of Oz worth of inspiration for her first YouTube venture.”I’m a Philadelphia fan and have always been,” said Kohler, who now lives in King of Prussia. “Philadelphia sports is like an old friend; it’s always there, and most of the time it disappoints you, but every once in a while it comes over with a six pack and a pizza and you’re happy it’s there. When I was young there was one TV in the house and if my dad put on the Phillies or the Flyers, that’s what you watched.

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2 against Denver. Golden State wasn’t whistled for its first foul until 2:34 in the first. The Rose Bowl was built in the Arroyo Seco in 1922 in its first iteration horseshoe shaped, with the current south end open with no seating from a Myron Hunt design. As a proud Berkeley guy, I would note that the first football game played there was on Oct. 28, 1922, when Cal defeated USC 12 It was the only loss for USC, and California finished the season undefeated.